Joker silver 24 mm

Joker silver 24 mm

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Joker silver 24 mm
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The buckle was conceived by us as a kind of talisman for luck - in the game, in negotiations, in some other situations where you need fart!

The buckle is quite massive, rectangular with smoothly cut corners, has an anatomical bend. On the blackened relief surface is a deck of cards, the top of which is a joker. The joker himself is represented by a cheerful winking gay man. It has a bell with bells, and the collar is made up of cards of different colors. We tried to get away from the gloomy image of the joker, make him as good-natured as possible, with a big smile in 33 teeth.

Fastening of a buckle to a strap can be both on a screw, and on a hairpin.

925 Sterling silver.


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