Let's be familiar: my name is Anton ... and I'm a strapsholiсk from Moscow!) A man carried away by straps for watch and buckles to them.

In early 2015, I became the owner of the Panerai 359 and was fascinated by the study of straps and buckles of various manufacturers, which resulted in my own collection of straps and buckles. These sets I collected very thoughtfully, so that the strap and buckle matched each other, creating harmony.

I also "infect" my wife with a new hobby, which now reliably changes the straps to her STEINHART "Russian Ladies Special Edition Tulip black 2016", and her still modest collection of straps slowly but surely grows)

For my straps I not only bought buckles around the world, but also invented a few of my own. This process fascinated me and I set up the production of author's buckles of silver, bronze and brass. I have many ideas of unusual buckles for watch straps and I gradually embody my ideas in life.

All that is shown above - this is only part of the straps and buckles that have passed through my hands. For the past time I have got acquainted with many manufacturers of straps and buckles. With some we became friends, I was bought through the skin, I send samples of their products for quality evaluation and recommendations.

My blog about watch straps at the largest Russian watch forum not only proved to be one of the most popular in its subject matter, but also became a catalyst for a number of talented people to master the work with leather, processing metals and start making their own products. Than I, Of course, very proud. It's nice to be useful to society!

It should be noted that "to assemble" each particular beautiful set "strap + buckle" was not such a simple matter. It was necessary to take into account and discuss a bunch of nuances, and then wait for 3-4 weeks to combine the completed orders and understand the correctness of the choice made.

The level of service and the quality of production are different for all manufacturers. There are excellent masters, and there are hackers with mistakenly inflated self-esteem. Some straps I bought were made so badly that I did not even wear them after purchase. Although the pictures they looked good. And in the end it was just thrown away money and disappointment.

As for the buckles, more than once I picked up a file to sharpen the untreated sharp portion of the buckle or protruding spike. Or, with pliers, I set the backle to wear a comfortable geometry. By that time, low-quality buckles already managed to spoil the expensive strap, which was worn. Which, quite naturally, was frustrating.

Considering dozens of websites and starting to get mixed up in them, I dreamed: it would be great if on one site you could pick up everything you need for an amateur straps and buckles (not only sentries, but also belt), and get competent advice from a person , thinking broadly, and not frameworks of his small production. At the same time, be calm for the quality of the goods. A sort of site-navigator.

And in August 2016, I finally came to creating my own unique brand, combining along with own developments the products of the strap manufacturers, whose quality of work I checked and was satisfied. Now my brand brings together 12 workshops from around the world, and the site contains more than 1,500 handmade items.There are no analogues to my project for today. It is unique and created for you!


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