Buckle installation on the strap

The buckle can be attached to the belt in three basic ways. Each of the mounting options has its own nuances. They need to know in order to install the buckle. Consider them.


Fastening on a hairpin. Quite a common option. It occurs in two forms.


A) Attachment to the pin, the antennae of which snap into the buckle from the inside. Access to the barbels of the studs from the outer sides of the buckle is not.


We disassemble the buckle.



We put the pin in the buckle, not forgetting to pass it through the tongue. Be attentive to the correct position of the tongue.




We insert 1 barbel of the hairpin into carbohydrate on a bacon, we bring the second antennae to the second depression. Press the hairpin to the antenna, pressing it inside the hairpin. We put it into the buckle until it clicks. We pull the buckle, checking whether the antennae are securely inserted into the seats. I draw your attention to the fact that it is better to carry out the manipulations with the hairpin clip on the back side of the buckle, where scratches are not so noticeable if they appear during installation.





It remains only to smooth the wrinkled leather strap along the hairpin. Buckle installed!



B) Attachment to the pin, the antennae of which snap into the buckle from the inside. Access to the barbels of the studs from the outer sides of the buckle is.



We insert the hairpin into the strap, similar to the variant "a)"





Just start the antennae and snap it inside the buckle.




The nuance lies in the fact that in this buckle the through holes for the hairpin are made. But holes of different sizes (like the antennae on the hairpin, if you noticed). And through these holes you can see the hairpin. And on one mustache made a slot for a screwdriver.

By simply pressing a screwdriver from the outside of the buckle at this point, you can dismantle the buckle. It is very convenient!







Mounting on a single pin with a thread is also very common. There are 2 holes in the buckle. One more is through it passes the pin, threading the strap and tongue. The other is smaller and threaded. There the tip of the pin enters and is screwed.

To install a buckle with this fastening system, you will need a screwdriver. The size of the tip of the screwdriver is adjusted to the size of the buckle pin. There are thin pins, there are thicker.




We insert the pin, do not forget to correctly position the tongue, wrap the pin in the buckle. Be careful when screwing the pin. First, convinced that you are in the thread and screwing goes smoothly. Otherwise, you risk tearing the thread.

Secondly, fix the tip of the screwdriver in the pin slot securely. Otherwise, the stinger may break from the slot and scratch the buckle or even cause injury to you!






Fastening with the help of the collecting pin. In this case, the pin is not one element, but two or three.


  Here's the Damascus steel buckle. The pin in her is a tube with a slotted screwdriver on one side and a thread under the screw on the other side.


First, insert the tube into the strap, threading the tongue on it.



Ideally, you need to have both a screwdriver and an asterisk key.



But if there is no key, you can also assemble the buckle with a screwdriver. Simply jam the head of the screw with something to prevent it from spinning, and twist the tube with your own screwdriver. 





Here's the buckle in stainless steel. In it, the pin is a tube into which screws are screwed from both sides of the buckle.



First you need to insert the tube into the strap and thread on it a tongue buckle.



Then put on the main part of the buckle so that the holes in it coincide with the holes of the strap inserted into the strap.



Insert the screws



And we twist it. The buckle is assembled!




Of course, here you can tighten the screws not with a special key, but with a screwdriver. But I do not recommend this. Either you rip off the end of the screw, or you'll break the screwdriver!

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