Buckle production process

Here I will try to understand in clear language how the cast buckle for watch appears. I emphasize, it's cast. Because The process of manufacturing buckles by laser cutting, etc. Is very different from the above.

For an example of each process, I will give a photo of different buckles, for a change.


Ita, first, you need to think over the design of the buckle, i.e. "Give birth" to the idea. Otherwise, you will get not an artwork, but a simple ingot))) The method of manufacturing buckles by casting gives a great freedom of maneuver.

Most often, I pick up a pencil and jot down the idea of ​​how I can. It is not necessary to master the skill, the main thing is to "grab" an image.

Here is one of my first buckles from the "marine series" called "Periscope." The idea of ​​the buckle is as follows: the submarine caught the target (the enemy ship) and is ready for torpedoing. In the composition there is a certain proportion of the drama, because In fact the victim is doomed.



After the outline sketch, the stage of drawing the 3D model begins. Here everything is already taken into account: the shape of the buckle, its size, its bend, its elements. If something is not drawn in the model, in the future it will be almost impossible to add a forgotten element. In the process of drawing, the modeler and the author of the buckle are constantly in the dialogue, optimizing the image.

This model has the following components:

1. Target-ship

2. Distance mesh (crosshairs and scales)

3. Perforation simulating water

4. Inscription on the edge in Italian (a tribute to the Italian roots of Panerai's favorite watches)

When a 3D model is developed, you can do so-called "stencil". Those. With the help of a CNC milling machine cut out on a special wax, similar to plastic, painted model.

After the readiness of the wax comes the turn of the flask. Opoka is a cylinder of iron, which is intended for casting jewelry. Inside this cylinder is a frozen gypsum that enveloped our stencil. In order for the gypsum to more accurately repeat each part of the stencil, during the curing period, the flask is placed on a vibrating table. Vibration compacts gypsum solution, expels air bubbles.


After the gypsum solidifies, the flask is placed in a muffle furnace. It is necessary to make wax from wax. The wax melts, releasing a gypsum inside the shape of our future buckle.

In plaster cast metal (silver, bronze, gold, etc.). And it turns out ...

No, not yet a buckle, but only a semi-finished product that requires refinement: undermining, grinding, tongue, blackening, polishing. In general, these manipulations are called "mounting".

And now after all these operations we have a ready buckle.

Pay attention, due to the combination of skillfully selected methods of processing, water, sky and ship are well read here. Although, it would seem, all this is black and must merge into a monolith.

In fact, this buckle is a master model. Ideal, which all subsequent copies should match (now I argue from the point of view of the seller of the "mass" product). But how to make them, these copies? If the gypsum is broken for a long time, the wax has grown, but there is only this final buckle?

To copy the buckle again, a mold is needed to fill the special wax under pressure. Only in contrast to the previously described gypsum, this form is made of special heat-resistant rubber.

In the process of making a rubber mold, there are also nuances that must be taken into account, for example, the percentage of rubber shrinkage. But these are nuances that I will not bore you with!)

The wax cast into the rubber mold is more plastic than the wax that we milled before.

Wax is re-sealed in gypsum, and then melted at a temperature. And in the resulting cavity is already pouring metal.

The main thing is that now you are well guided in the process of producing author's buckles for wristwatches and understand that producing a buckle is not the easiest thing! ;)

But this is our concern! Ordering a buckle from us, you will receive a finished product of excellent quality!

Look at our catalog of buckles for watch, there is something to choose!

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