Damascus buckle repair

Somehow I tried to increase the bend of the buckle from Damascus steel. I bent the copper buckles, silver and stainless. But I forgot that Damascus is a different material, fragile.

Having secured the buckle to the holding device, I hit it with a hammer. And it broke up into 2 parts. It was sad, to put it mildly, taking into account what expensive and rare buckles of this material.



At first I tried to glue the pieces together with the glue "Poxipol".





But it was not reliable and very quickly collapsed.

Then I realized that metal is better to connect with metal. And I went to the guys who use micro-welding. They also defeated my "San Andreas" rift.) They brazed the buckle from 3 sides, they did not cook with the facial, so that it would not be noticeable.









At first there was a barely noticeable color transition from damask to copper. A few months passed and the buckle looks like this (ie, there is no trace of repair at all)





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