Nuances of buckle selection

When ordering a buckle, you need to take into account a number of nuances. If you do not do this in advance, then you can get frustrated. But you do not need it, right? ;)


1. Type of buckle. You need to understand, what do you want? Buckle of unusual material?




Buckle with a piece of history?




Or a buckle with a story?




The plotted buckles are made of silver-bronze-brass and gold. Among the story lines there are both calm and rebellious.

Buckles made of unusual materials make themselves known to be a rare material and form. Forms varied from restrained to defiant.


2. The size of the buckle. The buckles are small ...




And the big ...




Each has its own relish, but remember that some large buckles are not very comfortable to wear under the cuffs of sweaters in the winter, for example. They are "summer", under an open sleeve.

And small buckles do not really fit for brutal thick belts, just get lost on them.


3. Distance between the ears. Those. Seat under the strap. It is measured in millimeters. For example, mm.

Here's the buckle 22 mm. The black strap in it sits perfectly. And put over a strap width of 24 mm is already noticeably large. Of course, the skin clenches and even in the 22nd buckle you can shove the 24th belt, but why make fun of a good thing?)



4. Thickness of the pin. Match the hole in the strap and the size of the bobbin pin. Are they combined? If you have the thinnest belt and thin skin, it is unlikely to have a loop for a pin 3 mm in diameter!)



Remember that no one has canceled the sense of taste and harmony. Not every buckle and strap can make friends!)

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