We make a buckle with a capsule

Probably, you saw buckles and straps decorated with primers, ie. Bases from the cartridge case. Each manufacturer puts these elements in his own way. Here I will share with the way I did it.


So, as a workpiece is chosen a massive chrome buckle. And found copper-clad casings.



With the grindstone I poured the guilloche to the ground. Because The thickness of the walls is small, it takes literally 15 minutes. The only difficulty is that it is better to hold the sleeve with your hands (so as not to leave a dent), and when it is heated it heats up. Yes, and grab for the tip of the sleeve is not easy.



Next, make a small groove in the buckle. It is necessary for the adhesive solution to penetrate slightly into the buckle. Deepening is done by a drill. And the place of gluing is polished, removing the gloss. This is done to improve the adhesion of the capsule and buckle.



Then we connect the buckle and the capsule with the help of the glue "Poxipol". And we firmly hold our hands. The glue dries quickly. Within 10 minutes. The output is a ready-made ammo buckle.




On the strap




On the hand




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