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It's hard to say how many straps you will get until you quench your "thirst"). For example, I just bought a watch, I thought that 5-6 pieces is what you need. Then I realized that I wanted to have the straps of the primary colors under my clothes. To under any "fashion" was suitable. And then we needed 2-3 straps just for the mood. Festive or hooligan ... A little later I learned the subtleties of ammo-skin. And I got a little bit more. And in the end, more than 30 straps at the moment. I'm not sure that this is the final)

Let's take a look at the question with a "cold head") Will you wear a white leather strap under a white T-shirt? And with the red moccasins, the red strap is best combined, right?




But not all colors! After all, there is a "classic": black, white and brown! And you need to have such straps.


But there are still in nature "sport" straps


Ammo straps


Swimming straps

And such a wonderful format as a wristband

And this is not all attractive in the world of straps;)

Therefore, the best thing is to immediately choose a case with a capacity of at least 12 straps. At the same time, it is not necessary to immediately fill it with purchases. It will be filled gradually, for months. And to be the epicenter of your hobby. It's nice, believe me, open the case with a lot of straps, review them all, touch ... And make a choice which one you want to wear on your watch right now! ;)

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