Exclude the fall of watch

Very often we put the watch on our hands or take them off in a hurry, raiding. Yes, and we store them, casually throwing somewhere. But the watch is a very fragile device, they are afraid of falls, bumps, scratches.

Here is my experience.

At first, I kept the clock, putting them on top of cases for straps. Cases are paunchy. And at one point the clock left the case. I was lucky - they just smoothly moved off the case to the shelf of the cabinet, from a height of several centimeters.

A little later, I put on my watch while standing in the office. On one hand, the clock appeared, and the second one tried to put the tip of the belt into the bakley slot. At this point, the strap slipped from my fingers, and the clock slid down onto the ceramic floor. They fell on him and drove a few meters down the glass. To be honest, I was scared to raise them. I was sure that after such a fall they definitely crashed. But I was lucky again. In appearance - only the branded bracket was damaged.



The accuracy of watch after the accident indicates that, fortunately, there are no internal damages either.

But everything could be much worse - a clock for $ 7,000 would simply have broken up completely.


Since then I have taken for the rule of two simple things:

1) I put on and take off my watch, keeping them close above some surface (sofa, table).

2) Taking it off at night, I put it in the allotted place, on a soft cloth.


Two rule-long rules will save your clock, money and nerves!)

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