Travel watch case

In our dynamic life, we visit a lot of places per day: the office is replaced by training in the gym, after the hall we can jerk for hunting or kebabs. Going on a business trip, we carry our everyday watches on the arm, getting to the place, changing them to more suitable for the business meeting hours.

And here's the question, where do we put the "spare" watch? Throw in the backpack? And to crush it is not long. Put in a bag pocket? And then, forgetting about them, throw there a bunch of keys that will scratch the case?

There is an exit. These are travel cases for watch. Cases are different. Only for hours (both one and two) for watches and accessories (for example, a pair of spare straps). Naturally, the more things in the case, the more it is. Material for making cases is also different - from natural leather, then substitutes and fabrics.

I use this kind of inexpensive, but very convenient case. This is a rigid plastic base (the lower part and hard cardboard is the top one), covered with "artificial velvet" from the inside and a leather imitation leather outside.






The watch placed in one part of the case under a special rubber band, which is kept from shaking. After that, the second part of the case, the casing, is pushed onto this part. Damage to the watch, which lies in such a casing, is difficult even for a special purpose!





I took it and drove it!)


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