Ammo straps: a separate story!

Ammo straps deserve a separate mention! I strongly recommend that you order an ammo strap for your watch, do not regret it!

What are ammon straps? These are the straps made:

A) of modern leather, but stylized under ammo with the help of stamps and artificially made holes, damages

B) from military ammunition of the past years (weapons bags, holsters, cartridge cases, tablets, etc.)

Novodel, although it occurs in a very beautiful performance (here is an example of a modern ammo strap of excellent quality, supplemented with ammo buckle made of brass),







But still loses real historical ammo, in my opinion. Due to the lack of energy for decades, the smell of gun oil and scratches, appearing for years, and not made by the master in a hurry.

Here is an ammo strap from a Swiss Armory Bag for storing weapons. A bag of 37-38 years approximately. Single-layer, unlike the previous strap, which is made in 2 layers. The skin is thick and fairly stiff. It shows scratches, oil prints and climes (the letter "R"). And how does this skin smell!) When bending, the strap brightens. Naturally, the strap is augmented with ammo buckle, in this case it's a brutal huge bronze Swiss cross.







 Strap is great for military style in clothes and not only






Of course, watch on this strap and ask to be photographed next to the weapon)





Owning these 2 straps throughout the year, I did not think to buy myself a third. Everything happened by itself. One of our partners sent me several straps for viewing and evaluating the quality. Among them was one historical ammo from a pouch of the Second World War. The hand itself reached for this strap and did not release it. In general, I was kindly presented to him!)



Gorgeous historical leather on top. Very soft. A web of cracks with "fallen asleep" inside the paint (or maybe dusty roads ?!). Lining of soft leather, the edge is treated with paint.




Under this strap our other partner made a buckle with a welded Soviet coin in 1941 of release. The set turned out wonderful. I did not take off my hands for three weeks!)





And finish the story by showing one more strap ;)
Strap is made of a bag for weapons of the Second World War.

It is equipped with decorative elements "capsule"


For the strap, a steel buckle with a real soldered capsule

Here is the result


On the arm it looks great! But when removing watch from your hand, you need to remember that the capsule is noticeably protruding and can hit the watch case.


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