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My friend has a watch Auguste Reymond Dixieland. His wrist is quite large, 22 cm in circumference. The factory strap has a size of 20/18. On a large man's hand, this width does not look very harmonious. And along the length - almost to the last hole have to button the butterfly buckle.


And then asked his friend to make him a new strap. To make it wider, it is more genuine and milder than the factory one. And the buckle is replaced with "regular". The order was fulfilled by one of our Russian partners. The softest calf skin is used in the manufacture. In the belt are sewn in bulk inserts, the edge is treated with paint.




The strap has a width of 20 mm at the point of attachment to the watch. And 24 mm across the rest of the width. It can be seen in the photo that compared to him, the factory belt looks frankly feminine.



On the watch, the strap sat perfectly!



The first fitting I made on my arm.



A little later the new kit was put on the owner's hand. Also was very happy! After all, the watch, without losing their elegance, have become different, indeed, masculine. The strap itself is now the continuation of the case!


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