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And the strap, and the buckle - things are original, beautiful in themselves. And in a successful tandem they enhance their beauty many times and please the owner. Sometimes a good skin is waiting for its buckle and vice versa. Some decisions are nurtured for weeks in disputes with oneself. Here I want to talk about a few of my straps and buckles and explain why I made this choice.


This strap of polished stingray was made to me as a gift by my stapode friend. Just a yellow strap seemed boring to me and I asked in advance to make stitches with a cross near the fastening loops to the clock, as well as a couple of stitches on the tail. The thickness of the thread, we tried different, until we stopped on this option. It should be noted that the black thread added a contrast and a tightness to the strap, And also it perfectly fits the black dial of the watch.



With a black thread and a dial, the black buckle made of carbon is perfectly matched.



Under certain lighting on the carbon fiber, the structure of the "points" that are very similar to the skin structure of the slope is visible.




 It turned out very bright set!



This set is pretty simple. There is no special flight of design thought, but there is a logic of matching the buckle under the strap. It is made of shark skin, so you can put a bakluk with a shark image. To complete each other. And the material of the buckle should be made as much as possible combined with the watch case. In this case it is silver.

Pretty juicy strap!)





Brown Ammo.

This strap is made of a Swiss Armory Bag for weapons storage, 1937-1938 years of release.



To the "oak" 70-year-old Swiss skin, smelling of gunpowder, with traces of gun oil, scratches, dents and cracks should be applied the same brutal and unbending spinner! Such as this patinated bronze giant is the "Swiss cross". These two are worth each other. Before wearing them, you still have to travel. And then they will be inseparable)




The most brutal set of my collection!





I've been looking for a gray ostrich octopus for a long time, I really wanted the transverse location of the folds. And so I found and chose the right area of the skin.



The strap turned out wonderful!




 In pair to it the buckle from Damask steel, with the rich own invoice is made.



According to many experts - this set is the best combination of the gray strap and backle that they have ever seen.





The strap is made of a ball for American football (yes, yes, its rules are slightly different from rugby, but the balls are the same). The strap is three-layered, the middle part is black, a black thick thread is sewn and a sash. The presence of black color (thread and the inscription on the code) well ties the strap to the dial of the watch.



A backle I picked up from copper, with the effect of gradual patenirovaniya (darkening, aging)). It successfully combines with copper notes in the leather strap. Strong komplek turned out!








Bright orange ostrich. The skin is in a fine grain, unlike the "plates" of the gray ostrich described above. The buckle is made of bronze with the integration of nickel plated US coins into it. The insert in the buckle combines it with the watch body. The gentle color of bronze continues the warm color of the orange. Firmware thread in the tone of bronze buckles additionally binds the buckle and the skin.






The strap is made from a kind of baseball glove.




Strap ribs are threaded with a black thread. The sash is also sewn with a black thread (if desired, the shovel can be worn both as an inscription to the outside and seam outwards). The strap is three-layer, on the side you can see the inner black layer. All these elements tie the strap to the watch (with their black dial).

Buckle is made from a copper coin depicting the bull of Buffalo, which is the symbol of many teams in American football. Those. The American football-American coin-American symbol-the symbol of baseball clubs-was followed.) A little later the tank was darkened with fire and olive oil, which brought her color closer to the dark parts of the strap.












Black Ammo.

Another ammo set, I like them!)
Strap is made of a bag for weapons of the Second World War.

It is equipped with decorative elements "capsule"


For the strap, a steel buckle with a real soldered capsule

Here is the result


On the arm it looks great! But when removing watch from your hand, you need to remember that the capsule is noticeably protruding and can hit the watch case.



To the jeans strap I wanted a buckle, similar in color. And quite light in weight


The titanium buckle, which was specially heat treated, was perfect! With its impressive size, it is very light due to the material used.

The set looks great!



For skull lovers, I decided to release a new buckle and assemble a cool set.
We take a thick black strap from the horse.


And decorative inserts "skull".


Plan the place of future holes and pierce the punch


Put the elements

And  select the right buckle)

Looks cool!)


On the hand it looks cool too!


The continuation of the topic is here!

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