Soften the hard strap

Everyone knows that the new shoes at first can barely reap. And in the process, the socks are just right. This is due to the stretching of the skin.

With leather straps for wrist watches the same situation. While the skin, a new strap can be harshly sitting on the arm. In the process of socks, the sensations improve. You have the choice - wait for the stretch naturally or accelerate it. I'm for acceleration)

Most of the strap I knead by hand. Giving them softness and a nice vintage look.

Let's see how it was. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart, of course. But yes, the quality strap tolerates such mockery. Mnite, but do not tear)

Here is the strap of a water snake skin.



In my opinion, the skin looks like a plastic or an oilcloth. There is no heat in it. Therefore, I apply softening. Fingers twist-twist, I press. For 20 minutes I press it with a laptop.





On the whole, this is what happened (on top of the mashed half)



And now look at the hand.



As can be seen - the skin is interesting to grow old, deep cet appeared!



And here is another example. Quite unattractive strap of a calf.



We soften and compare the halves (bottom mashed)



The strap became a little darker and looks just gorgeous!

And on the clock and even more so!


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