Strap with complex fastening

There are different systems of fastening the straps to watch. For example, Panerai Luminor is a direct pin. Between watch arms. To sew the strap for such watch can be remotely, it is enough to know the width of the strap and make a loop in the strap under the fastening pin. And there are other systems. For example, Maurice Lacroix. Here the strap is attached to watch at an angle. And a special rigid insert is built into the strap. In this case, when making  watch strap, it is advisable for the master to keep the old belt in his hands in order to accurately remove the insertion size, or even better - to take the insert itself and install it in a new product.

Let's see how everything happens in this "complicated" variant. Here are the watch, in which the strap has become worthless with time, worn out, darkened, and exfoliated.




Here is the very same brand

 We send the old strap to our workshop. And we choose on the site the type of strap you like.




The master shows the skin that best fits your wish




A new strap is made in exact accordance with the original.



And here it is already with you. Outside, a black cayman, inside a delicate calf. You put it on. And rejoice in the new thing, perfectly up on watch.





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