On this page we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions on the site.

What is our uniqueness?

Our multi-shop, in contrast to the sites of individual masters, has a wider range of products, and their design is more diverse. With us not one person works, but several.

In addition, since We ourselves produce part of the products presented in the catalog, then we perfectly orient ourselves in the subtleties of the manufacturing process.

How useful is our site to you?

Here you can:

- order a beautiful, useful and convenient accessory to your watch

- to study everyday experience in the field of straps and buckles in the section "Advice"

- to see various photos of the design of buckles, straps, cases (there are more than 1,500 of them on our website)

Who makes products from our catalog?

- our partners from different countries of the world, whose products we bought, tested and gave a positive conclusion about the quality of their products

- we ourselves

What are our prices - above or below the market?

On the basic positions, we try to keep the price of the manufacturer of the products, earning not on you, but at our partner discount from him.

Is it possible to see the goods personally?

Yes, in Moscow we have an office where samples of products are sold. This is enough to understand the difference in skin types and buckles. All the buckles are worn on the straps, you can attach them to the watch or even put them on your watch.

Terms of the order?

The average term of the order is 2-3 weeks after we receive payment for it. Sometimes it happens faster, sometimes longer. For example, the workpiece can be damaged, and the wizard will have to start the process anew. Sometimes the production goes "like clockwork," and sometimes a little longer than usual. The creative process and manual labor is the insertion of the master's soul into the product, and not the flowing soulless punching.

How do I order goods?

1. Study the site and find the product you like. For your convenience, we developed an intuitive megamenu and selection by parameters.

2. Put the goods in the basket (in fact this is your notebook) and send it to us. So far this is not an order, but your basic choice. In the process of communication, we will discuss all the nuances and costs.

If it is more convenient for you to write to us by mail, please! Applying a photo of the goods and your comments.

3. At your request, we specify the cost of the buckle or offer available options for the skin partners.

4. You approve skin and design. Please, look special form.

5. You pay for the goods and delivery.

6. After its manufacture, we send it to your address or issue it at the office.

What should I do if I have a complaint about the quality of the goods?

We cherish our brand name and always go to meet the client. Send us photos of the goods and state the claim. We will find the solution most satisfactory for you. If it is. There are situations when everything is advised on our advice in a few seconds.

Is there a system of discounts or a bonus program?

Yes, we offer discounts for complex or repeated orders. For positive feedback about purchases in our stores, we charge bonuses. 




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