Buckle detail

Watch buckles can conditionally be divided into 2 types: with high detail and with low.

High detail is a lot of small lines, details.

Low detail is a set of fairly large parts that are always clearly distinguishable.

For example, buckle "Sight"


has less detail than the Pilot buckle

A buckle "Pattern"

has less detail than the Joker buckle.

The initial step in the production of any of our buckles is the manufacture of jewelry wax.

That is, "buckles of wax."

Buckle wax can be made in 2 ways:

1. Cut by machine (milling cutter) from a wax bar. This procedure takes several hours.

Layer after layer of the cutter remove the wax, drawing the buckle line as directed by the computer.

The use of this technology leads to a rise in price of the product by 60 USD.


2. Fills under pressure in a rubber form. This procedure is quite quick, but at the same time drenched in wax

not 100% exactly repeats the lines of the rubber form. That is, there is some loss of clarity.

But this method does not increase the cost of the buckle.


Which way to choose?

If the buckle of your choice is complex, with many details, and for you it’s important

clear display, it is better to choose a more expensive method of making buckles.

If you chose a simple simple buckle or a complex one, but for you it doesn’t matter

reproduction of details to the smallest detail or you prefer the vintage style (wear)

then the standard method of making a buckle is fine for you.

Examples of buckles where the difference in details is not noticeable:


Examples of buckles, where the difference in the transfer of parts is noticeable:

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