Demagnetize watch

Sometimes our wrist mechanical watch begin to "walk not exactly". The most common reason for this is magnetization. After all, all of us in everyday life are constantly confronted with magnetic fields, metal detectors, laptops, telephones and so on. The first sign of the magnetization of watch - they begin to noticeably hurry. Noticeably - it's 1-5 minutes a week. This is especially true for watch with a thick body and a transparent sapphire back cover. Zoom in on the compass if you have one. If the watch is magnetized, the compass needle will noticeably turn. If not, then if it moves, it does not matter.

What to do? After all, you will agree, it is not very pleasant to realize that such a high-precision device as a wristwatch mechanical watch "corrodes" trite! There is an exit. And it's pretty simple. Buy the device under the name "demagnetizer." The price of such a device is a penny. 10-15 dollars, and the effect is noticeable.




The demagnetization process is extremely simple: put watch on the device, press and hold the device button for 3-5 seconds. Then check the compass, for example. Usually, demagnetization occurs 1-2 times. If not, then with 3-4 attempts exactly.




My watch after magnetization "accumulated running" in the amount of 3-5 minutes per week. I purchased a demagnetizer and demagnetized them. Then he checked the growth inaccuracies (daily). The results were as follows (in days)

+10 s
+ 20s
+ 25s
+ 30s
+ 40s
+ 50s
+ 50s

Those. For 7 days watch start to rush for 50 seconds. The second week does not really change the situation, almost without adding haste. The difference with what was before the appliance was used is very noticeable. 6 times!

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