Decorative inserts in the strap

Decorative inserts in the straps are a great addition to the buckle or an independent decoration of the strap!

Inserts can be divided into the following groups:

1. Image (composition)

Decorative elements in the form of a single figure (for example, a skull, a mine, a shark, an airplane), or an entire composition (for example, saboteurs on a torpedo).


2. Monolithic simple

These are decorative elements of a laconic look.


3. Monolithic complex.

These decorative elements are often machined from the same metal as the buckle itself.


How does the decorative element?

This is a part consisting of 2 parts. The first part - the face has an internal thread. The second part - reverse, is a screw with a cap under the slotted screwdriver.

How to set the item on the strap?

In the right place of the strap is a hole with a diameter of about 3 mm. You can make it anything - punch, drill, pierce with a knife. From the front side of the strap is inserted decor, with the reverse - a screw. And twisting is done.


In which place of the strap is inserted?

Most often, the decor is placed in the strap near the watch case.

But it can be inserted into the standard holes of the strap, designed under the spike buckle.

Or even at the very tip of the strap!

Decorative inserts on the screw are also indispensable for watches with fixed ears. In this case, it is not only a decorative element, but also a belt fastener to the watches.

How many decors do you need per strap?

When installed on the sides of the watch case (the most common version) 2 decors are required.

When installing into the standard opening of the strap, 1 decor is enough.

What thickness can be installed in the strap?

We recommend straps from 3 mm thickness and more. With this thickness, the screw tightens securely.

What to do if the strap was thicker / thinner than intended and the decor is small / large?

If the strap is thicker, then you just do not tighten the screw to the end, thereby increasing the 'thickness' of the decor.

If the strap is thinner, then the screw (and / or the landing pad under it) is easily shortened by several movements of the file or skin. After that, twisting is good.

What type of decoration is possible?

The decor can be matte (blackening is applied and not removed anywhere) or polished (blacking is applied, then the protruding parts are polished to a shine).


What metal is the decor made of?

Gold, silver, bronze, brass.


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