Improve the keeper

Slap (keeper) in the watch strap has one function - to pull the "tail" of the strap to the wrist. Sometimes they put one, but a wide keeper. Sometimes two, but narrow.


Usually, a wide keeper is betted when the strap size is accurately guessed and the tail of the strap is short. In all other cases, 2 loops are preferred. You can push them apart or bring them together if you want.


How to be, if the belt is already in front of you, and the shoe 1, and it is not able to please the tail of the belt to the wrist tightly, does the belt sag? Do not worry. Take a sharp knife or a razor from a T-shaving razor. Place the loom on a hard surface (a wooden board, for example). Press the top layer to the bottom, put the object guiding the cut (for example, the metal ruler) and draw in the middle with a razor. Thin skin you cut through 1-2 times. Thick - after 3-4 wires with a razor.


At the place of cutting (on the edge of the belt loops) the skin will not be dyed. This can easily be removed with a felt-tip pen of the desired color.


There is also a second option: first open the loophole, i.e. Break the adhesive layer or sewing with a thread. Then cut, and then the resulting strips of glue. This is more troublesome and is not necessary if you act carefully.


Here are examples of a couple of my straps - a crocodile and a hippopotamus. First, each of the straps had one wide keeper.





And then I cut the crooked loafer in two.





And wearing straps has become much more comfortable!

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