Leather strap and water

Possessing a watch-diver, we all sooner or later come across a situation when they have to be wet: jump into the sea or the lake, visit the bath, and no one has canceled the banal rain. How will the leather strap of watch react?

Firstly, the straps are different. Here, for example, in this ammo-strap I swam repeatedly. There is practically nothing to be afraid of water - just a rough thread and thick single-layered skin. And for such a brutal strap - the harsher the conditions, the better. He ripens like an expensive cognac.

But in most cases, our leather straps are not so brutal. And, it happens that they lose their original appearance when they come into contact with water.

Except for cases when you are tired of stretching the strap, I would not advise you to immerse the leather watchband in the water. For glue and thread you do not have to worry, but how the skin of the lining behaves is unknown. Perhaps its warping.

If your strap is still wet, then in no case you can not dry it forcibly: under the scorching sun of the Sahara, a hair dryer or on a battery! Water must leave it smoothly.

And in general for bathing a rubber is invented! Use it!


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