Beautiful sets-II

"A game"

Multilayer calfskin straps on a "game" theme. At the tip of the strap punched holes, creating a letter "J".

Silver Joker Buckle



"Gray Diver"

Snake leather strap on japy aquatique watch.

Firmware braided (marine rope), silver inserts "diver's helmet", Damascus steel buckle with notches to maximize the bezel of the watch.


Green Toad

Green toad leather and Aurora brass buckle with patination.

Excellent patina in color and combination with the mark of the watch face.



"Little shark on red"

Strap calf leather on the watch "Gruppo Gamma".

The red leather is combined with the second hand, the firmware thread is matched to the color of the watch case.

The decorative bronze element "shark" is installed.


"Combined black"

Combined strap (leather / fabric) on the Omega Speedmaster.

Red thread firmware under the color of the inscription on the watch, red belt loops.


Timask buckles on elephant and snake leather straps

It is rare when the play of metal is so in harmony with genuine leather! The purple elephant and the dark blue snake found pairs for themselves)


Bronze pilots Scuro and bronze buckle Pilot.

The thread color is selected according to the color of the dial marks. The reddish buckle fits perfectly to the watch case. The theme of the buckle and the watch perfectly match!

Bronze buckle with a patina on a green canvas at the Gruppo Gamma watch

Bronze buckle treated with ammonia vapor. And now its color at the same time blends well with the watch and the strap.

Panerai in black and gray elephant

A good set: gray elephant, black thread, buckles from carbon with steel studs. The black thread links the strap with the watch case, the buckle is also in harmony with the watch. And the steel spike on it fits to the gray color of the strap.

Watch STEINHART "Russian Ladies Special Edition Tulip black 2016" and green lizard

A vivid example of attention to detail! The strap is made in the color of the second hand of the watch. And this combination is just great!)

Panerai Luminor Submersible with In PAM we trust bronze buckle on a blue strap

The buckle goes well with the watch case. The semantic combination is also true. The strap in the color of the dial with stitching thread "bronze" completes the perfect look)

Panerai Luminor Submersible with Bronze Buckle Buckle

These brutal watches required a strap to match. Therefore, a vintage wristband was chosen. Reserved brown.

Firmware with green thread in the color of the watch face, bronze buckle with saboteurs and decorative screw "saboteurs". The second point of the fastener of a small part of the belt is made by an hourglass stitch.


Khaki Elephant and Bronze Sea Mine Buckle on Panerai PAM00359

The buckle fits perfectly to the color of the strap. The black streaks of the strap are in harmony with the black dial of the watch. The marine buckle complements the maritime legend of the brand Panerai.

Steinhart Pilot and waist belt buckle

To make the strap fit well to the watch, you need not so much)

Get an excellent buckle from the belt, set a pair of rivets and make a few stitches of thread in the color of the watch face)

Bronze buckle and cool strap for Maranez watches

Bicolor calf leather strap. Internal color - the color of the dial. The outer edge is sand-colored, under the metal of the watch case.

Brass buckle with saboteurs, two decorative inserts "saboteurs".

Combined watchband (fabric / leather) for pilot watches

The materials of the strap refer to the pilot's parchuet's canvas straps, and brown leather to the pilot's flight jacket.

Buckle "Pilot" and decorative inserts "wings" reinforce the set!

Watch Strap on Steinhart LE MANS GT HERITAGE CHRONO

The two-tone orange and turquoise leather strap is in the color of the watch face. When worn, the strap lines continue dial lines.

Techno style buckle - with holes repeating the holes on the hands of the watch. In the strap made similar holes.

If there is a top design, then it is somewhere here)



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