When I was 16 years old and I was still in high school, my grandfather's watches, a veteran of World War II, fell into my hands. It was the “Commander” watch of the Vostok factory. Special issue for the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. A distinctive feature of these watches was that they were premium watches. On the back cover was engraved engraving.

I wore this watch for a while. The strap was old and gradually fell into disrepair. The watches seemed to me "not fashionable" and were put in the closet.

It's been 20 years. I matured. And I began to look at many things differently) And, already working hard on the straps and buckles, I decided to make a good strap for these watches in memory of his grandfather-veterans.And at the same time to make repassing mechanism.

The shape of the strap i chose a wristband, the most suitable option.

The leather color is dark brown. The blank was lighter, but later we reached the desired shade.

For contrast - black belt and ears, holding the watches.

The watch is attached to the main part of the strap with the help of 2 decorative elements of silver (the color of the watch case). One of my grandfathers was a sailor, and the second was an infantryman, therefore, the corresponding symbols were selected - a cartridge case and an anchor.

My buckle “Target”, a special issue for the largest Russian weapons forum, was chosen as the buckle. It is made of silver.

The strap has 2 more interesting points.

First, the lining under the buckle, eliminating the contact of the skin of the hand and the metal.

Secondly, a slot under the case back so that you can always see the engraving when putting on the watch.

After production, the strap was crushed by hand for several hours and covered with oil, which gave it a final vintage look. The size of the strap is strictly verified, only one hole is punched in it.

I wear this set with great pleasure, remembering grandfathers. And I hope that my grandchildren will see it too!)

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