Convenience or design?

I've seen different storage systems for straps on the Internet. They were wooden boxes, leather tuba-cylinders, briefcases. Many of them looked very elegant. For example, here is this portfolio from one of our partners.


Or a wooden box from another master

But I wanted more rational solutions from the point of view of using space. In this case, of course, not devoid of beauty. And I found those in the production of another of our partners. I use it for a long time and I can tell you about my impressions.

For myself, I found a convenient storage system and tell a couple of words about them.

1. Aesthetic appearance. The decoration uses genuine leather of different colors and textures, as well as high-quality textiles. This is a nice thing to hold in your hands. It will be appropriate to look in any interior - at least for that, even in a humidor)


2. As can be seen in the photo above, the interior space is designed perfectly! The straps lie separately, do not rub against each other, do not fall out when carrying the case, but are well open for viewing and selection. There are compartments for the necessary accompanying items such as a gun or a screwdriver. Pockets can be wider and narrower, depending on what buckles for watch straps you use.

3. Convenience of storing cases. They can be placed separately vertically or laid horizontally, with several pieces each. They are flat and well-shaped, they will not take up much space on the shelf. They can put a watch on them.





4. Ease of transportation. "I took it and went." Are placed in any backpack or briefcase. You can take it like a clutch.

To see this, let's look at the dimensions of the cases in comparison with the usual objects.


Cases without any problems are placed both in the bag and in the backpack.


They are light enough

Took and went to a meeting with friends, show off!)

Look at our catalog of cases for watch straps!

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