How did my wristband

Once I was approached by a beginner manufacturer of watch straps made of genuine leather. He offered to make me any strap at my request, so I appreciated the quality of the workmanship and gave advice. Thinking about which strap to choose, I stopped on the wristband. Wristwraps (mono-straps) differ from conventional straps in that they exclude contact between the watch case and the skin of the hand, being between them. Wristwraps are very comfortable in wearing straps. They can be made in different styles - from brutal ammo to refined exotic leather. Watch and buy wrist straps made of genuine leather can be found in our catalog. All the straps of this type can be divided into 2 main categories - detachable and stitched. The first are 3 parts - the main, unifying platform (on which lies the watch case) and two parts of the strap that are attached to the watch bowls, passing through the main platform.

The latter are made in the form of a single whole.


In my collection there is already a detachable mono-strap, so the basis of the future strap, I chose a one-piece platform of brown leather. Rectangular shape.

From metal decorative accessories on the strap, I decided to refuse in favor of a coarse thread. In general, the concept implied an emphasis on a thick stitch. "Tail" part of the strap should be attached to the "base" due to two reliable crosses from the thread.

Having received the first drawing of the strap from the manufacturer, I cut it out and tried it on my hand. At the same time I installed the planned buckle.


This fitting allows you to more accurately grasp the size of the strap, fitting them perfectly under your arm. Looking ahead, I will say that there were several such patterns)

After approving the final version of the layout, we began to select the skin. I wanted it to be a calf skin with signs of vintage. And the ears under the case of the watch it was desirable to highlight the color (darken oil or grease).


Then the thread was approved. Rough, thick, linen.

Then we began to discuss the varanishing of the strap's design - artificial holes, seams, prints from "torn off" elements ...

As a result, they decided to simulate on the keeper a trace from the severed layer of skin. This is done as follows: to the capper obliquely, a piece of leather is sewn, then everything is toned with oil, then the top piece of skin is removed, revealing the unpainted patch. It looks very interesting!


At the tip of the strap, it was decided to simulate the track from the holster button.


After the introduction of all the nuances, the strap was completed and sent to me. There it is in the middle of all the cutting tables)

Let's look at the sub-cover. This is beige lamb skin. It is very soft and pleasant for the hand. Over time, it will darken and become the color of the leather strap. A part of the thong with a tail does not have a lining, it is so conceived, pile to the hand.

Although the seam is made rather neatly, it is better to hide the seams as much as possible under the lining, leaving them only along the perimeter. It looks more elegant, "cleaner", and also excludes the possibility of fingerprints on the skin of the hand. 


Perhaps, this is my only significant remark to the work of the master. All other moments lie in the zone of the permissible concept of the error strap.

As you can see - there is no hole for the buckle on the strap. Its location is determined by the hand. It breaks through the punch. It is necessary to make an amendment to the elasticity of the skin, it gradually stretches. Therefore, it is better to start a hole a bit tighter than necessary. To gradually it became just right.

All is ready!

On the hand, the strap sits perfectly, which is quite expected!) The thin tail is perfectly bent over the arm and does not hang.


The skin has the effect of lightening when bending.

As for the buckle, I eventually chose silver. She had better laid down her belt and arm. The reason in the seat is the floor of the screw - the silver one has a "barrel" and the bronze "square".



Such a wonderful wristband replenished my collection of straps. This is the king-strap!)


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