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Our brand unites 11 workshops for the manufacture of straps for watches and handmade buckles from around the world.

We order as straps or buckles separately, and ask to collect a beautiful set.

To assemble a set is the most difficult. It is necessary to put together not only the strap and buckle designs, but also their technical parameters. Let's see how this order is executed!

We send a customer's request to the post with a request for a strap. The client can show his photos of the subject or give a link to the sample you like on our website.

For example, on this (a strap from the leather of a border fish blue-violet):

At the same time, the customer asks for a buckle. Learning from him that the strap is planned for the skeleton watches (ie with a visible mechanism) and in the brass body, we offer a buckle from the "Techno" series.

Next begins the approval of the leather variant. Our masters offer leather options that are available. This is one of the great advantages of multi-brand - the range.


The client approves the option you like, and we prepare a technical task for making the strap and buckle.

If the buckle is quite simple: the maximum fit to the sample and the required size, then by the strap of the opening much more. Here is an approximate description of what needs to be considered.

So, the task is set and we start production!

In the process the master agrees with us some nuances, showing working photos


After the strap and buckle are ready, both parts of the future set are delivered to the head office of our brand for the control assembly.



If we have no comments on the work of performers, we pack the order and ship to the customer!

Please, we will fulfill the order of any complexity!)

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