Strap production process

When we get a ready strap, we are happy with how handsome it is! But to become such, he underwent a series of operations in the workshop. Let's get acquainted with the main ones to understand the process of manufacturing a leather strap.

The "weapon" of the master is put on alert)

Skin color and its type are coordinated with the customer

First you need to cut the workpiece. You can draw a drawing on the computer in Autocad and print it. Using two-sided adhesive tape, glue the glue to the skin to make a cut.

Or take a metal template (for standard straps) and cut through it

Cutting the skin can and "shoe" knives for the skin and even with medical scalpels

Three types of skin are immediately prepared, of which the strap will consist: the front part (in this case the polished yellow ramp), the middle part (simple calf skin) and the lining (soft sheep leather of natural tanning).

The middle part is necessary for giving the strength of the strap. Natural tanning of the skin of the lining eliminates the allergic reaction of the leather to the product.

Also, attachments and small attachments of the skin are prepared, which serve to ensure that the skin does not stretch around the pin of the watch at the point where the strap is bent. Skin skin, for example, stretches very much, like many other types of skin. Without inserts, there is a high probability that, in time, the straps will simply begin to hang from side to side at the attachment points.


Gluing of the facial skin, small attachments and a lining with loops.

Then the lining is glued

Nail glue is used for gluing layers. The glue is applied to the glued surfaces, it is allowed to dry for 5 minutes, and then the parts are glued together. The maximum strength of the connection gets in a day.

After the glue has dried, it is necessary to process the edges of the strap. Skin skin consists of small scales, so the cut along it is not very smooth.

To create a smooth edge, the strap is treated with ordinary grinding paper (sandpaper).

Bring the edge to the ideal with a felt attachment and beeswax. First, wax anti-hive nozzle, and then it - the edge of the strap.


Finished edge looks like this

Next, you need to take the punch and make the right number of holes in the strap under the spike of the buckle and under the floss thread.


Threads are applied linen. They are very durable and not decayable.

The strap is ready!



We put on it a fashionable buckle and enjoy wearing!)

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