Project "Argentum Solis"

Once my regular customer contacted me and showed me his watches.

This was a limited edition (only 200 pieces) of silver wristwatches "Argentun Solis".

The watch is very beautiful. As with the front side and reverse.


The tasks were as follows:

1. Make 3 interchangeable straps on this watch without visible fasteners.

2. Design and release women's and men's silver buckles for this watch.

I must say that the client had three such watches, the first he wore, and the other two - his daughter and spouse. This explains the division of the order into the "female part" and "male".

Hidden strap fastening.

 It was decided to integrate a flat element with internal thread into the strap. And on the strap to make the release of the leather, which, threading through the eye of the watch and turning back, would be fixed with a screw on the reverse side.

The following bronze blanks were produced, but with silver screws. Bronze is more rigid materials compared to silver, so it was decided to integrate it into the skin.

However, fitting inserts showed that they are too massive for the strap.

In this connection, they had to cut and erode. Until we received the necessary forms.

Choosing leather for straps

We offered the client a variety of suitable options and he focused on the following:

- brown crocodile for men's strap

- blue crocodile and lizard color "brick" for women's straps


Watch Buckles

When modeling buckles, it was necessary to remember about the sophisticated design of watches and at the same time endow the buckles with men's and women's features)

We made the women's buckle by 18 mm, and the men's one by 20 mm.

And now, it's time to put it all together! It was exciting - would it work?

But, fortunately, everything turned out great!



These buckles can be ordered from us here.

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