Restrained or noticeable?

On sale a lot of buckles for watches, but not all of them are equally well suited to a particular clothing. After all, they differ in design and size. Here I will say a few words about this gradation.
Conditionally, the entire assortment of handmade watch handbags can be divided into 3 categories:

1. "Office". Restrained, but not boring. Pleasant pattern or non-standard material with its own pattern. The dimensions are close to the size of the standard buckle. Especially harmoniously look on the classic straps of black or brown colors.


2. "Freestyle". Hardly you will put on a similar buckle for a suit or shirt and tie. But with loose clothes such as sweaters, it combines quite harmoniously. Compositions on the buckle are more expressive than the first category of buckles, and the straps fit absolutely any.


3. "Informal". These buckles all their appearance: we are not like everyone else! Giant dimensions, cosmic forms, reinforcement with additional elements - these are the receivers of these buckles. It comes to the fact that some are difficult to fit under the cuffs of winter clothing. But their powerful look, pleasing the owner, it's worth it!


So look and correctly choose a buckle according to your mood or event!

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